May 21, 2024

There are various tools on the market designed to meet a range of task tracking and project management needs, from calendar views to Gantt charts and visual aids that help keep team members organized with their tasks.

This task manager boasts a robust set of features, such as kanban boards, calendar and unified workspace. Furthermore, it supports agile methodology through integrations.


TickTick boasts an impressive set of features, such as task reminders and Pomodoro timers to help stay focused, plus a built-in calendar to check on your schedule. Furthermore, TickTick supports subtasks and tags. Users love its prioritization function for tasks they care most about while some have noted its inability to support templates on macOS or input duration duration information.

TickTick is an ideal tool for individuals juggling numerous tasks at the same time, providing multiple lists on a single screen for convenient tracking of daily projects and multiple lists on one screen for GTD productivity method followers as well as custom tags. TickTick can easily create tasks via email; however, some users have reported issues with cross-device sync as well as limited customer support services.

Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects provides teams with tools to communicate efficiently. Additionally, it includes functions to track work – such as an extensive resource utilization chart and time tracking features – while their support team are readily available via email, and feature extensive documentation and videos covering common queries.

Zoho features a Gantt chart to make task creation and organization simple, as well as viewing deadlines easily. Users can set up custom dashboards that display updates for their most essential projects whenever they log in; its free tier is suitable for small teams while premium and enterprise versions offer additional features and enhanced support.

Zoho Projects may be more complex to use than other alternatives, but it still makes an excellent choice for small and mid-sized teams. With its central file storage database, unified task lists, flexible user permissions and flexible permission settings – Zoho Projects makes organizing projects simple! Plus it features features like wikis and forums!


Todoist is an integrated task management platform with natural language input and cross-device sync capabilities. Additionally, Todoist features free plans and team collaboration features; supporting various file formats as well as keeping tabs on recurring payments to help avoid costly surprises.

Though Todoist may not offer as many advanced task managers, its features still appeal to productivity enthusiasts. For instance, users can add task descriptions and prioritize them according to duration; these features help users visualize what needs to be accomplished daily and build realistic plans around that day’s schedule.

Todoist was first developed by computer science student Amir Salihefendic in 2007. It quickly gained widespread use after being featured on Lifehacker and Digg websites; with user satisfaction being very high and reasonable prices.


Nifty is a project management app designed to keep team members organized. With features like collaboration tools, project planning tools, Gantt charts and time tracking built-in, time tracking is now easier than ever! Additionally, its customization options enable any workflow imaginable; its Kanban board allows teams to manage tasks and feedback efficiently; its dashboard gives an instantaneous snapshot of progress at a glance while users can also customize dashboard views and prioritize insights for improved efficiency.

Nifty’s project portfolios offer a bird’s eye view of automated progress, timelines and overdue items. Recurring milestones allow managers to set multiple goals at once while receiving notifications when any are overdue. Furthermore, integrations with Google Drive, Dropbox Business and GitHub enable teams to collaborate more efficiently.

Nifty’s intuitive user experience makes it simple for teams of any size to use on any device, whether mobile, desktop or both. Its dynamic roadmaps and task management software with automated progress tracking make Nifty an indispensable asset for marketers navigating campaigns or developers delivering new releases.

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