April 16, 2024

As an entrepreneur or newcomer to business ownership, it can be challenging to separate personal and professional lives. These articles offer advice to keep both sides balanced. From identifying intolerable behaviors to understanding the ways things change over time, these tips will guide your journey of entrepreneurship.

1. The customer is always right

Customer-first is an effective business strategy. However, is it really true that customers are always right? And if so, does that imply meeting every one of their whims no matter the cost?

The “customer is always right” principle suggests that you should strive to ensure clients feel important and valued by your brand, which will increase customer retention and loyalty.

This phrase, first spoken by a London department store founder in 1909, has become widely recognized as an essential customer service philosophy. However, sometimes clients can be wrong. When this occurs, be honest with them and offer solutions: perhaps your product isn’t working correctly and suggest some steps they could try in order to address the issue or more carefully read their set-up documentation.

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