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Web Design Services for Local Tradespeople & Service Businesses

The modern Irish homeowner will need to employ any number of tradespeople and service providers over the years. In the past they might ask around in their locality or sift through the Golden Pages.

Today, everything has changed, the Golden Pages is no longer delivered door-to-door. The decorators, carpenters, building contractors, even plumbers or electricians of 2019 must have a website and social media profiles; their customers need to find them online!! 

At Online Trade Marketing we are specialists in the design and implementation of Service Websites. We create visually striking, fast, responsive sites that rank for local, descriptive search terms that your customers are using every day. We take care of everything, leaving you to do what you best… running your business.

For the vast majority of the websites built here at Online Trade Marketing we use WordPress. It’s the number 1 Content Management System on the web.

Think of WordPress as a blank canvas, we can create anything you can image with it. Many of the internet’s most famous, and visually striking websites are built using WordPress.

In addition, the user friendly WordPress interface means that in the future, if you feel ready to start managing the site yourself, it will it will be a breeze.

WordPress Political Websites at Online Trade Marketing

There are 2 basic tasks that Service Websites must complete whenever a potential customer clicks on your search listing. First, showcase your work. Your best images of your best work; tell your story and give customers every reason to choose you and not the competition.

Second the website must be easy to navigate, getting in touch to get get a quote or ask question should never be out of eye-shot; email, phone number, social media, contact buttons.

Service Websites, Demo

Take your decorating business to the next level. This mobile ready, visually striking WordPress Website will set you apart from the competition. Sit back we take care of everything.

Fully customizable, responsive Small Business WordPress Website. Designed for a small – medium sized Painting & Decorating Company.

Service Websites, Demo

My Hand Painted Furniture was one of the first, and the largest, most successful specialist kitchen and furniture painting businesses in Ireland. This success was in large part due to their suburb search marketing and social media advertising. At their peak My Hand Painted Furniture reduced their offline marketing and advertising spending to zero. 

Here, we’ll take a look at the design of this Specialist Tradesman Website, the why and how of it’s high performance and return on investment. In further write-ups and posts we’ll look at their social media, search advertising, both paid and organic, plus how they generated such high traffic for low volume search term.

Service Websites Essential Features

Service Websites are not just about looking flashy. Your website must look the part, it must impress your visitors, but it also has a job to do… turn those visitors into customers!!

Take a look at the first screen shot on the right. Highlighting your customer reviews and industry achievements are an essential component of your Home Page. They build trust, and it’s trust that makes customers choose to employ you.

Maybe the most important page of any Service Website is the Contact Page. Our Contact Pages are clean, simple and easy to use. Don’t get too complicated on this page. Generate leads, that all it needs to do.

Service Websites Highlighting Specialist Services
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It’s vital for search marketing that you create pages that advertise your specialist services. This is what makes people choose you, why your offering stands above that of the competition.

Your specialist services should be highlighted on the Home Page with large images and link to further pages outlining in detail the advantages of this service and why your business is the best choice for them.

"What is your Business Best At? Is there a gap in your local market to Specialize?"

Small Business Blog Posts

Only 3% of Irish businesses have a regularly updated blog on their website. This gives a massive advantage to those that do. The leading Service Websites in the world, in the UK, the USA, or Ireland, write blog post about the jobs that they do. This generates a vast amount of extra traffic to these websites and lands the premium work they are looking for.

It starts with a change in mindset. You need to Think Like a Blogger. Take photographs all day, every day. Then, when you complete a job, write 500-1000 words about that job using the images you’ve collected. It’s that simple!! Online Trade Marketing can take care of all this for you.

It may take your website some time to rank for highly competitive search terms, wallpapering, emergency plumber or building contractors. But, with a well written and well optimized blog post you can rank for paper hanging in Athlone or emergency plumber in Roscommon with ease.

One of the first websites we ever built was for a local painting and decorating contractor. It’s what we love, it’s what we do best. We have great passion for small business, especially in rural areas… that describes our business. We thrive on the challenge of building Service Websites for clients just like you, the challenge of generating more traffic, more leads, more customers and more profit. If you run a service business, if you are a contractor, in Roscommon, in Athlone, or anywhere in Ireland, get in touch. 

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