June 20, 2024

Giveaway products are a traditional part of the trade show experience, but the types of items available change from year to year. Choose your giveaways based on the intended demographic and the purpose. Generally, cheaper items are more effective at raising brand awareness, while high-value items will drive sales. Listed below are a few ideas for giveaways. Read on to discover which items will work best for your brand. And remember to always set high standards for your giveaways to increase ROI.

A t-shirt is a simple, easy-to-pack keepsake that attendees can wear immediately after the trade show is over. Besides giving out a good memory of the trade show, t-shirts also improve brand exposure and drive foot traffic to your booth. T-shirts provide lots of space for branding and creative marketing messages. Moreover, they are safe giveaways. T-shirts can be printed with company information and logos, resulting in increased brand awareness.

While choosing trade show giveaways, keep your budget in mind. High-brand exposure is important, but choose giveaways that will attract quality leads. For example, touch tools are useful giveaway items. These small objects can be placed on keyrings and can be used for pulling, pressing, and turning objects. They are also made of durable ABS plastic to last for a long time. These items can boost brand awareness and engagement and boost sales.

Another popular option for a promotional giveaway is an edible one. Snack cubes are an ideal in-person giveaway. If you aren’t going to be at the trade show, consider using snack cubes for virtual giveaways. These cubes can be personalized to include a name or logo, which keeps the food item out of the hands of germ-filled prospects. These giveaways are also convenient, and can be reused as needed.

Smart wallets are another great giveaway. These items are small, portable, and can stick on a cell phone. Whether they are used for carrying cash, debit/credit cards, or other items, the recipient will appreciate having a high-quality water bottle to carry all their goodies. They are practical and can even win you a best-promotional-product award for their use and effectiveness. And if you don’t have a smartphone, the smart wallet may be the right choice.

USB chargers are another great giveaway idea. The USB port on these portable chargers allows users to charge multiple electronic devices at once. A power bank with enough juice for multiple devices is a great trade show giveaway. A USB charger is also an ideal way to offer a lifeline to your employees while they are away from the office. Besides being portable, USB chargers can be a great travel giveaway, as they can easily be packed in luggage or taken home for use later.

Trade show giveaways are a great way to increase brand awareness, engage potential clients and explore new ideas. Branded giveaways can help you stand out in a crowded trade show floor, attracting more foot traffic to your booth. With the right giveaway, you’ll increase brand awareness, increase customer retention, and engage your target audience. Make your trade show experience a success with a promotional product from iPromo.