Take your decorating business to the next level. This mobile ready, visually striking WordPress Website will set you apart from the competition. Sit back we take care of everything.

Fully customizable, responsive Small Business WordPress Website. Designed for a small – medium sized Painting & Decorating Company.

This Painting & Decorating Website Guide is designed to help you understand what you get when you invest in our Painter & Decorator Website; what the components are, what they do, and their specific functions. But, this guide will also take you, step by step, through the process of building your own website. If you’re keen to learn, about digital marketing, Google, WordPress or websites in general, then you’ve come to the right place.

I would encourage you to click here and open the demo site in another tab. Scroll and click through “Example & Sons Painting & Decorating” while you read this guide.

Home Page

Think of your Home Page as a giant billboard. Advertising you, your business and your brand. Foremost in your mind should be optimizing this page for the name of your company. There are plenty of other pages to rank for the services you provide and the areas you cover.

For example; your van is parked in a prominent spot while you work. Members of the public see your company name every day for a number of days or even weeks. They type the name they see into Google. If you do not have a page ranking for “Example & Sons”  not only will these searchers be unable to find you, they will have a poor first impression of your business.

Simple Menu & Navigation

The phrase Keep it Simple” never applied to anything more than a navigation menu. Think of this as a map at the top of every page of your website. Flashy, multi-level menus with images or even video serve 2 purposes; to confuse your customers and inflate the ego of web designers. 

Your Business/website Name on the left is a link to the Home Page from anywhere on the website. The 4 items on the left are the standard menu items; Contact/Quote, About and Blog. More on these later. Services is a drop down and links to an overview of the services you provide and a further page detailing each service.

Prioritize Home Page Content

So, searchers can find your company name when they hit Google, what else does your Home Page need to do? In 2019 a Home Page is navigational and informational. Our Painting & Decorating Website features a large image (we will insert and optimize your images, included in all of our website packages) overlaid with all your important details and links; Name, email, phone number, social media. Make sure that people visiting your don’t have to dig around to find a way to contact you. 

Next in order of priority are the services you provide. Put your marketing hat on. What are you best at? Is there a gap in your local market for a specialty?

"What is your Business Best At? Is there a gap in your local market to Specialize?"

Using the information you give us about what you do we create these feature boxes. They link to a page with further details about this service. Choose the best image you have of the particular service for this box (we can help with that). We draft a short description here based on the introduction from the page linked to followed by a button linking to the information page. There should be no less than 2 of these features and no more than 4.

Testimonials & Trade Affiliations - The Power of Trust Signals

You might not have heard the term Trust Signals before but you see and interact with them every day, often subconsciously. They are the things that make you trust a website. Ask yourself…

“Would I enter my credit card details on this website? Or even give them my email address?” 

The Home Page section above shows customer reviews and trade association badges. As your website grows customer reviews will get their own page, linking to detailed posts about the contract.

Small Business Blog Posts

Only 3% of Irish businesses have a regularly updated blog on their website. This gives a massive advantage to those that do. The leading decorating companies in the world, in the UK, the USA, or even Ireland, write blog post about the jobs that they do.

It starts with a change in mindset. You need to Think Like a Blogger. Take photographs all day, every day. Then, when you complete each job, write 500-1000 words about it using the images you’ve collected. 

This may sound like a lot of work, and it is, but with every post you write it gets easier, and faster. Think of these posts as free advertising. You have to pay for advertising your business with either time or money. Blog Posts cost time. If you don’t think you can make the time we can do it for you. 

This is what your Blog Page will look like. As you can see, the post titles describe the type of job and the location. This is repeated throughout the post. Each new post will be listed here

Services Page

This is a simple page but targets an important keyword, painting and decorating services.” You don’t need a lot here. A large image, Title, short description and links for each service you provide.

One of the links leads to the Contact Page, the other to another service page with further details on this particular service.

When it comes to choosing your images (we can assist you with this) pick to your best image for the Home Page, then this Services Page and so on. It’s vital that all of your images are of the highest possible quality. The stock images here give you an idea of what customers expect in 2019.

Contact Page

You could call your Contact Page your most important page. This is where you want every single website visitor to end up. They will take different routes through your website, but this is the destination.

This page should be as simple and easy to use as possible. People have different preferences when it comes to contacting companies online. Give them every possible option, not just the option that suites you best.

Here we have phone number, email, and contact form. You can add links to Facebook Messenger and Twitter. Here at Online Trade Marketing we also have a live chat box, but this may not fit with your business.

This is also a good page to have your address and Google Map. Although you may not have a physical shop, your address is a Trust Signal (see Trust Signals above) and should be prominent on your website.

Thank you for reading this guide. I hope it has been helpful. To view the full demo site click here.