In this post we’ll take a look at how you could be missing out on a rich marketing channel. In fact, I would say that most businesses are missing out.

Your staff are on social media, mostly Facebook, but the other platforms as well. Do they share your content, or even create content of their own to promote your business?

Are you Using the Online Presence of Your Staff & Social Media most effectively?

Before we get into it, have a think about these questions;


When you are interviewing for new staff, marketing hires aside, do you talk about their digital marketing experience?


How many friends, family members and people in your local area do you think your staff are connected with online?


What number of Page Fans do you have on Facebook? How many Twitter Followers do you have? How much traffic do your blog posts generate when you publish them?


Do you do the marketing, update the website, take care of the social media accounts for your business with little or no help?

All of Your Staff are Online

You could be increasing the reach of your Facebook Page, as well as Twitter, Instagram and the others, by thousands. Your website could be missing out on countless extra visitors reading your blog posts.

You see them every day, your staff. Your staff could be better at generating Facebook engagement than you are. They may have more twitter followers than you do. They might even write a blog, and have more experience promoting it than you do.

You could have an Instagram Influencer sitting, or stacking shelves, right under your nose and you don't know it.

Online Trade Marketing

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Working with Online Trade Marketing is like employing a part time member of staff, who works from home and delivers results month after month. Our SEO package is based on us providing a minimum of 10 high quality content, code and analysis hours per month.

Even if they are average social media users, collectively they could still add up to 1000’s of potential fans, followers, website clicks and customers.

Employee Engagement is Good for Business

It is widely accepted that an incentivized staff member is more productive, happier in their work, and less likely to leave.

The statistics are very telling in this area. DCR Strategies have collected some excellent data;

41% of customers say that their brand loyalty is influenced by a positive employee attitude.
Disengaged employees cost the economy an estimated 300 Billion Dollars per year (US).
Properly structured employee incentive schemes can increase worker productivity by up to 44%.
A 5% increase in employee retention leads to an 25% increase in profitability. Incentivized employees are proven to be more loyal to the company they work for.
39% of employees feel underappreciated. 77% say that they would work harder if they felt better recognized.
4 out of 10 employees say that they consider rewards and recognition programs when looking for employment.
An incentive program motivates 66% of employees to stay with a company.
Every year an estimated 11 Billion Dollars is lost due to employee turnover. A well motivated workforce and an employee incentive scheme decreases staff turnover.

You should incentivize your staff to participate in your marketing campaigns.

This must be carefully implemented. But social media activity, and certainly the time writing a blog post, can be given a monetary value, hence, each employee can be scored; on a weekly, monthly a yearly basis.

The incentive can come in many forms. It could be cold, hard cash. But it could also be a gift card, store credit or extra vacation days.

Discounts & Special Offers

Firstly you must offer value to the social media friends and fans of your employees. Something only available to them for a limited time period. This will create a sense of urgency in both your staff and their online friends.

Practical Steps to Involve Staff in Your Social Media Platforms

This process requires a change of mindset, not just from your staff but from you as well. You need to think of your staff as having a dual role; the duties they have already, plus some marketing duties.

Two simple examples;

A staff member, stocking a new and exciting product, takes a few seconds to photograph the new display, write a short description, add a link to your company website and posts this to Twitter and/or Facebook.

You run a painting company. You have staff members on different job sites and contracts. They post on the business Twitter and Facebook with before and after photos during every work day. These pictures can be collated into blog posts, either by you or the staff members (when properly trained), at the end of each job.

Want to read about a real world example from our portfolio of previous work? We implemented the above Staff & Social Media tactic at My Hand Painted Furniture, a specialist kitchen and furniture business, it was extremely successful. Click here to learn more. 

Add a conversation about digital marketing to your interview process. Discuss social media and blogging with potential new staff. This will have the added benefit of making your company the modern place to work, setting you apart from the competition. The caliber of interviewees will go up.

Start chatting to your staff about this in an informal manner. Get their ideas, some of them may well be more familiar with the online world than you are, use this. This post is a thought starter, every industry will be different but the idea of staff participation in online marketing can work for almost every business.

Marketing Firms do this Every Day

If you are doing your own marketing, one way to learn how best to do it is to look at what marketing companies do. They use their staff member to run social media accounts, sharing content across all of their platforms and personal pages. The staff produce content, both on social media and in the form of blog posts. They interact with readers and potential customers on twitter, Facebook and blog comments.

Yes, they are professionals in the industry but lessons can be learned. There is far less separation between the staff performing day-to-day tasks and those broadcasting what they do to the world.

In 2019 most business sectors are highly competitive; retail, home services, the construction sector. Every edge you can get over the competition can mean the difference between success and failure. More than any piece of machinery, more than flagship product or service, your staff are your most valuable asset. You can and should be using their potential to marketing your business. If you don’t know where to start, if social media, blogging and digital marketing are still a bit of a mystery, get in touch, we can help, but we can also implement the entire campaign. 


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