Starting your own small business is hard work. Running a small business is hard work. I know,I’ve been that guy. If you are a carpenter, a builder, or a painter and you want to save thousands by learning Online Trade Marketing, then you’ve come to the right place. All the post on this site are aimed at small trade businesses.

Trade Marketing

How to design and build your own website.

Generate leads using that website.

How to grow your online presence through social media.


All the questions you have will be answered here. If you have a question use the search box on the left to look for an answer. If we haven’t answered your question in a post please leave a comment anywhere on the site and we’ll get back to you. We might write a post, we might make an instructional video.


Marketing a Local Service

In the past a tradesperson you would print some business cards (that’s still advisable), put an advert in some local newspapers, maybe post some flyers.

Trade Marketing

Today, it’s different, but the principle is a simple one. Imagine you are a plumber, in Dublin, Ireland. Put yourself in your customers shoes. What do they type into Google when they are looking to employ a business like yours; “plumber in dublin.” Your goal is to occupy the number 1 position (and as many of the first page positions as you can) in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) for this term.

There are 100’s of tactics, practices and ways to achieve this. Plus 100’s of other ways to generate leads online. But this is top of the list. And all of your online work should be carried out with this goal in mind.

Search Engine Results Page

The image on the right of the page shows this SERP. It contains a number of elements. It’s not just a list of 10 results, let me explain.

Google Adwords – The first 2 results are adverts, websites that pay Google to be in these spots (more about Google Adwords in other posts).

Local/Maps – The next element is a Google Maps/Local result. Google My Business is Google’s new local business interface. Every local business should optimize their profile and regularly update it for the best chance to appear in this section (more about Google My Business in future posts).

The 10 results after this are the target of your website efforts. Appearing in these results, as high as possible, is the key to Trade Marketing Success.

Online Trade Marketing

Looking at these results and analyzing the websites (known as competitor analysis) is one of the first things that a new online marketer should do. The Google results are far from random, the businesses in these positions have worked extremely hard to get there. You must mimic and improve on what they do to compete.

If they can do it, you can do it to. You’ve taken the first step, you’re reading this post. In future posts we will walk you through every step. The posts are broken down into topics; Web Design, Social Media and Business Marketing. They will also be at 3 levels; Beginner, Intermediate and Expert.

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