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Every Job can be a Blog Post, Building New Customers & Growing Your Business

The ability to Think like a Blogger is a skill that all small business owners have to learn when they launch a website. Blogging is a vital ingredient of your website, your marketing, and your long term business success. During your work day you have to take pictures, maybe video, and take mental notes about the blog posts you will write about your business.
To Think like a Blogger is a skill that all small business owners have to learn when they launch a website. Web Design Posts at Online Trade Marketing.
You are your own boss. You run your own small business with maybe 5 employees or less. Maybe it’s just you and your van. You are a carpenter, or a painter and decorator. You run a small shop, a hairdressers or a car mechanics.

Your job might be to build a staircase, or paint a kitchen. To serve customers, cut hair, or replace brake discs. But you have a second job. You are a Marketer. It’s your job to bring in new business and new customers as well as keep the ones you already have.

Let’s presume you have a website (please tell me you have a website??) and one or two social media profiles. What you might not have is a regularly updated blog.

According to the Dot IE Digital Health Index only 3% of Irish SME have a blog that is updated more than once a month. 

This gives you a massive opportunity!!


To Think like a Blogger is a skill that all small business owners have to learn when they launch a website. Web Design Posts at Online Trade Marketing.


Every small business owner has to think like a blogger. Because it’s not just bloggers that write blog posts these days. Every business should be writing blog posts. Depending on the type of business you run you should be publishing a blog post every week.

What does it mean to Think Like a Blogger?

Well, every job you do is a potential blog post and while you are doing that job you should be thinking about how this blog post should look. This has a number of benefits;To Think like a Blogger is a skill that all small business owners have to learn when they launch a website. Web Design Posts at Online Trade Marketing.

  1. Google pays attention to how often your site is updated with fresh content. Your Blog is the perfect way to add fresh content.
  2. Attract new visitors with content relevant to them. A job they might need to have done on their home, work you have done in their location etc. When people hit the search engines they want to read something they care about.
  3. Targeting long tail keywords – It’s much easier to rank for a Blog Post, “Painting and Decorating in Swords, Co. Dublin.” than it is with a page, “Painting and Decorating.” Statistically these posts have a much higher conversion rate than their generic page counterparts, even though their traffic may be lower.


Blogging Tips for Small Businesses


  • Images are what bring your blog posts to life. They show you and your employees doing what you do best. A tidy work area, attention to detail, explanation of the process. Everything adds up in the customers mind. It can take 8 or more visits before a customers contacts you. Every time they visit is a chance to reinforce your professional image.
  • Not practical for every post, but a short video can work wonders. Start a YouTube Channel (don’t directly upload the videos to your website. Upload them to YouTube and embed them into posts) and this will in time drive traffic to your website. Using the video on social media will also gain more engagement and clicks.
  • If you are in a particularly visual industry, upcycled furniture for example, before and after images are great. There are a number of free online tools for creating engaging images. Below is an example from the trade of furniture restoration. The first image is from the workshop, during the process. The second is on completion, back in the customer home. Blog readers and potential new customers love this type of post.


Almost Everything can be a Blog Post

  • The days of “trade secrets” are well and truly in the past. Inform and entertain your readers. The products you use and why. The equipment you use and why. It’s all about perception, and if you can show that you know what you are talking about you will get more customers.
  • Link to the websites of your suppliers. Materials that use, equipment you think is great. Reach out to them on social media, or via email, tell them about the post. A link from their website or social share could work wonders. Write whole posts reviewing their products, many will send you free kit specifically for this purpose.
  • Lists and posts in the form of answers to your customer questions can make great posts. Check out this post on Personal Searches, Google Answer Box & “Position Zero” for more information.


Some Technical Stuff…

  • Use the location of the job in the Page Title and URL. For example; “Hand Crafted Oak Staircase in Kildare.”
  • In this instance “oak staircase in kildare” is your target keyword. It should be in a number of places throughout the post; title tag, keyword tag, meta description, image alt tags, at least 1 sub-heading, and evenly distributed throughout the post.
  • Promote this post on Facebook using there location targeting tool. In the above example, Kildare. There is some evidence that using the targeting features on Facebook can increase post reach.
  • Search relevant active hashtags on Twitter and use them in the tweets linking to your post. The location or the type of work, or both.


Learn to Think Like a Blogger, it will generate leads and work for many years into the future. During my years in the furniture industry Kildare was one of my busiest counties for inquiries and bookings.

The only reason for this was 2 Blog Posts published on my website in the early days. These posts received constant traffic throughout the life of the website. Thousands of people read these post and contacted us about their furniture.


Some helpful resources from around the web;



Good Luck with your blogging and please leave a comment below with any questions.

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