Why are You Paying for Clicks? PPC vs SEO

Everyone these days seems to be Paying for Clicks. Google & Facebook have become companies worth hundreds of billions of dollars because everyone is paying for clicks. Why are you using Pay Per Click Ads? Did you ever ask yourself that question? Maybe because everyone does it, you think it’s what you should be doing. Maybe because you think SEO is hard work, or that it’s more expensive than PPC.

Fact : 80% of all clicks on Google Search Results Pages go to Organic Results.


Fact : 80% of Online Marketing Spend goes on Pay Per Click Advertising.


Why are you paying for clicks? Adwords vs SEO. 80% of all clicks on Google Search Results Page go to Organic Results. 80% of Online Marketing Spend goes on Pay Per Click Advertising. Business and marketing posts by Online Trade Marketing.


In this post I’m going to try and work out why these 2 seemingly contradictory stats. exist. I think the proportion is wrong and I think it is based on false preconceptions of both Pay Per Click and Search Engine Optimization.

I’m not saying that Pay Per Click is a waste of money, I have used it myself in the past. Neither am I saying that SEO is a magic bullet, the only road to online success. But this ratio of spending is crazy, especially for small, but well established businesses in the trade and construction sectors, or those on a limited budget. Continue reading “Why are You Paying for Clicks? PPC vs SEO”

Top 5 SEO and Web Design Blogs Beginners Should Follow

(plus an extra 1 at the end for the future)


When you decide to take your business marketing efforts online their is a lot to learn. When you hit the search engines for advice it can be a little overwhelming. These are the SEO and Web Design Blogs beginners should follow to get the best advice and learn the most about running a website and social media accounts?

A list of SEO and Web Design Blogs Beginners should follow. Featuring Moz, Yoast and many more. Blog Posts at Online Trade Marketing.

Putting together a list of SEO and Web Design Blogs Beginners should follow is no easy task. There are thousands of blogs out there, including this one, Online Trade Marketing. Every blog has it’s own focus, so I’ve tried to choose a wide selection of topics.

There’s a million ways to keep up with content from your favorite bloggers. The two I use the most; subscribe to receive updates via email and follow on Twitter. For me, these 5 are a must for any new webmaster. There is a lifetime of reading material already published on these blogs.

So get started!!

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What are Personal Searches?

… and why are Personal Searches Important for Google Answer Boxes.


In short, Personal Searches are asking for advice. Advice about their car, their hair, their pet, their diet. Where in the past people would ask friends, family, someone they trust, they now turn to Google. They believe search can help them with their problem.

According to Think With Google, Personal Searches are massively on the increase.


Personal searches are asking for advice. You can answer these questions. In the SEO world it has come to be known as "position zero" in a Goggle Search, Featured Snippet or Answer Box. Web Design Blog Post at Online Trade Marketing.


Searches that end with the words “… for me.” are up 60% in the past 2 years.


Searches containing the words “… should I…” are up 80% in the past 2 years.

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Think like a Blogger

Every Job can be a Blog Post, Building New Customers & Growing Your Business

The ability to Think like a Blogger is a skill that all small business owners have to learn when they launch a website. Blogging is a vital ingredient of your website, your marketing, and your long term business success. During your work day you have to take pictures, maybe video, and take mental notes about the blog posts you will write about your business.
To Think like a Blogger is a skill that all small business owners have to learn when they launch a website. Web Design Posts at Online Trade Marketing.
You are your own boss. You run your own small business with maybe 5 employees or less. Maybe it’s just you and your van. You are a carpenter, or a painter and decorator. You run a small shop, a hairdressers or a car mechanics.

Your job might be to build a staircase, or paint a kitchen. To serve customers, cut hair, or replace brake discs. But you have a second job. You are a Marketer. It’s your job to bring in new business and new customers as well as keep the ones you already have.

Let’s presume you have a website (please tell me you have a website??) and one or two social media profiles. What you might not have is a regularly updated blog.

According to the Dot IE Digital Health Index only 3% of Irish SME have a blog that is updated more than once a month. 

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What is Trade Marketing?

Starting your own small business is hard work. Running a small business is hard work. I know,I’ve been that guy. If you are a carpenter, a builder, or a painter and you want to save thousands by learning Online Trade Marketing, then you’ve come to the right place. All the post on this site are aimed at small trade businesses.

Trade Marketing

How to design and build your own website.

Generate leads using that website.

How to grow your online presence through social media.


All the questions you have will be answered here. If you have a question use the search box on the left to look for an answer. If we haven’t answered your question in a post please leave a comment anywhere on the site and we’ll get back to you. We might write a post, we might make an instructional video.

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